Every Dog Has Its Day

We Breed Boxers and Put Up Puppies for Adoption

About Us

Our story is all about our growing love for the Boxer breed and the environment where our dogs are raised and live. We would love to hear your story as well. If you like, please take a second to share.

Our Mission

To improve the boxer breed. All the dogs at Sinclair Boxers have been carefully examined and picked to provide you with the highest quality dog regarding beauty and temperament. However, we can say a lot about our special Boxers, but until you experience life with one of these sweethearts, you will not know how special they actually are.

Our Promise

Expanding your family with a Boxer puppy can be a new adventure with concerns like health and temperament. We want to put your mind at ease with our promise.

Past Puppies

It has been our absolute joy over the last 12 years to breed quality boxers. We would like to share that with you with some pictures of our past puppies.

In Memory

The absolute worst part about owning a precious Boxer is losing it. This page is dedicated to their memory. Gone, but always in our hearts.

Sinclair Boxers